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Lucky I found Mark’s site because I’m just learning Photoshop and his free brushes and styles pack were just the ticket for me. I can’t believe he doesn’t charge for them!

K Harding

I found Mark’s site to be extremely helpful especially as I am just starting out on my IM journey. The free downloads he gives away are a great bonus to 😉

A Cadd

Want to Know What to Sell on eBay?

The biggest question from most people is, what to sell on eBay? Well to get straight to the point, any individual who is scratching their head over this needn't be. Seriously, it isn't that hard to pick the ideal items to sell. Here's the reason… I generally advise...
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Videos Created in Lightening Speeds!

Here it is...The fastest way to create videos bar none! I know, that is one hell of a bold statement isn't it? But let me explain... I've been 'shall we say' dabbling with video for quite a number of years now and in all that time, I have never seen anything like the...
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Manage Your Time and See Results…

Hey there readers, Welcome to June's post and I'm disappointed to say that even though the weather should be really hot and sunny for this time of year, unfortunately it's a mix of cloud and showers - Typical UK weather! Anyway, it's been a while since my last post...
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The REAL Secret to Making Money!

I’m going to tell you exactly what the real secret is to making money, but before I do, I want to say that this money making thing is not everyone’s cup of tea and not everybody is that bothered about making a pile of cash. They’re quite happy if they make enough to...
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Get My Personally Developed Photoshop Brush & Styles Set...

If you want to be able to create your own Internet Marketing related graphics at the drop of a hat, then you should take advantage of my free Photoshop brush and styles set.


Want To Know How To Setup WordPress?

Well now you can with my ‘FREE 6 Part Mini Video Series’ demonstrating how YOU can setup WordPress easily all by yourself. Click the link below to get access right now!


Wordpress Video Downloads

Absolutely love these freebie downloads, helped me out heaps!…Thanks a lot Mark!

D Rawling

Brush and Styles Downloads

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