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In this post I’m going to be sharing with you 100 product review ideas so you can hopefully put these tips to good use. And if done correctly, you’ll stand a good chance of making some really good commissions from promoting other peoples products.

This is what’s known in the business as affiliation and you would be classed as an affiliate for their product.

If you’re not familiar with the term ‘affiliate’ or ‘affiliation’ then fear not. It’s not all that complicated to understand. You simply become a kind of middle man between the vendor and the end user. In effect, you would be promoting a sellers product and the buyer would buy from a buy link you set up for the vendors product. Then hopefully the end result would be the buyer makes the purchase through your link, then you would be paid a commission for sending that buyer to the vendors product.

In future posts I will go into more details about the whole affiliate thing and which are considered to be the best platforms to use, but for now I’ll stick with the product review ideas.

Now, I don’t think it’s a good idea to throw all 100 ideas at you in this one post because you might only soak up a third of the information and I don’t want that to happen. It’s quite easy to get information overload especially when you’re learning something new, so I’ve decided to split this post up into 3 or 4 sections (with the second to follow very soon).

So if you’re ready, here goes…

1) Write your review of the product. Does it help you make money? Will it make you excited or sensible? Can it win or abandon your beliefs? Did you like the color?

2) Add your explanation of the product. Does it help you attract men/woman? Will it make you surprised or credible? Can it upgrade or abolish your habits? Did you like the size?

3) Advertise your recommendations of the product. Does it help you be an expert? Will it make you enthusiastic or your motivated? Can it create or abort your actions? Did you like the shape?

4) Give your outline of the product. Does it help you be a leader? Will it make you prideful or serious? Can it construct or administer your thoughts? Did you like the speed?

5) Announce your rating of the product. Does it help you be a better parent? Will it make you happy or curious? Can it treat or aid your feelings? Did you like the looks?

6) Author your summary/tour of the product. Does it help you be entertained? Will it make you satisfied or neat? Can it transform or avert your emotions? Did you like the length?

7) Bring up your take of the product. Does it help you be famous? Will it make you amused or sincere? Can it trade or avoid your moods? Did you like the smell?

8) Broadcast your roundup of the product. Does it help you be informed? Will it make you relaxed or decisive? Can it transition or beat your attitudes? Did you like the quality?

9) Catalog your appraisal of the product. Does it help you be more safe/secure? Will it make you secure or obedient? Can it stretch or block your characteristics? Did you like the height?

10) Chat about your rundown of the product. Does it help you be more sanitary? Will it make you liked or communicative? Can it strengthen or bend your situations? Did you like the sound?

11) Chronicle your endorsement of the product. Does it help you being more social? Will it make you lucky or dedicated? Can it seize or rebound your relationships? Did you like the feel?

12) Comment on your synopsis of the product. Does it help you be pain free? Will it make you hopeful or objective? Can it secure or break your tendencies? Did you like the taste?

13) Communicate your feelings of the product. Does it help you be popular? Will it make you accurate or spiritual? Can it safeguard or capture your perceptions? Did you like the width?

14) Compose your briefing of the product. Does it help you be successful? Will it make you fast or dependable? Can it form or cease your reactions? Did you like the weight?

15) Convey your evaluation of the product. Does it help you be trendy? Will it make you positive or open-minded? Can it revise or cheapen your views? Did you like the quantity?

16) Craft your condensation of the product. Does it help you break a bad habit? Will it make you adaptable or stunned? Can it restore or clear your thoughts? Did you like the graphics?

17) Demonstrate your remarks of the product. Does it help you build muscle? Will it make you focused or detailed? Can it research or close your judgments? Did you like the texture?

18) Depict your abridgment of the product. Does it help you buy anything? Will it make you precise or optimistic? Can it relax or collapse your intuitions? Did you like the price?

19) Describe your examination of the product. Does it help you complete a task? Will it make you adventurous or successful? Can it rejuvenate or reinforce your sensations? Did you like the proof?

20) Disclose your credence of the product. Does it help you eat better? Will it make you friend worthy or determined? Can it command or control your impressions? Did you like the guarantee?

21) Discuss your testimonial of the product. Does it help you eliminate debt? Will it make you prepared or orderly? Can it regulate or convert your activities? Did you like the testimonials?

22) Dispatch your interrogation of the product. Does it help you feel better? Will it make you alert or do teamwork? Can it refine or curb your procedures? Did you like the discount?

23) Display your judgment of the product. Does it help you find love? Will it make you frugal or devoted? Can it redo or cut your imaginations? Did you like the description?

24) Divulge your case study of the product. Does it help you fulfill hunger? Will it make you proactive or organized? Can it rectify or substain your visions? Did you like the design?

25) Docket your findings of the product. Does it help you fulfill thirst? Will it make you ambitious or temperance? Can it make or dampen your memories? Did you like the customer service?

Okay I think that’s enough tips for this particular post. It might be worth you making a note of the above tips so you can reference them at anytime when writing your own product reviews. Obviously it goes without saying that you don’t need to include every single tip above in your reviews, these tips are basically a guide to help you make the most of your product reviews.

Keep you’re eyes peeled for the next chunk of 100 Product Review Ideas.

Until next time…


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