About Me

Hi I’m Mark Bibby and this is a brief story on how I arrived at this point in my life.

Way back when I was a newbie internet user (1998 in fact) when I purchased my very first computer, as I slowly figured out how to use it and learned how to surf the (dial up) net, I stumbled upon certain individuals who were making BIG money from the internet.  I was like ‘WOW’! See this internet thing was all new to me and all this information was like discovering a whole new world.

Back then though, there were only one or two well known big names who seemed to be raking it in and this always intrigued me. I envied their lifestyles and wealth and wanted a slice of it for myself…Let’s face it…Who in their right mind wouldn’t?

Now, I hold my hands up, I’ve only got myself to blame and don’t mind admitting that even after soaking up all of their helpful and valuable information, I was a little shall we say lackadaisical when it came to putting everything I’d learned from them into pratice. There was always something in the back of my mind stopping me from taking those necessary first steps to making it a reality…Crazy, I know, because if I’d acted on the information back then, who knows where I’d be right now?

Anyway, probably as per most peoples situations, life just got in the way, or at least that was the excuse I used to use for many years. I was constantly hopping from one job to the next earning crappy pay packets in the hope that I’d find the perfect JOB that I’d be completely happy in. Then one day, I had a brain wave and decided to study to become a plumber.

See at this particular time, there was a huge national shortage of plumbers here in the UK (either that, or it was just media hype) and people were saying everywhere that if I wanted to earn really good money, then that’s what I should do.

So acting upon everyone’s advice, I did just that. I enrolled onto a college course and began studying an NVQ plumbing level 2 course which also incorporated gas engineering.

So why would I choose this route instead of pursuing my Internet Marketing dream? Well for starters, weekly/monthly bills wait for no man and I needed to keep the money rolling in to cover those bills, but secondly and probably the main reason was to please the other half. I knew this because my heart wasn’t really in the plumbing, but because I had a wife and child at that time in my life, it seemed the obvious thing to do and to keep her onside.

Sound familiar?

Anyway, after 2 years of being at college, I finally passed all my exams and was considered I suppose as a fully qualified plumber come gas engineer, even though I’d not really been in the field much.

Nevertheless, I entered into the plumbing industry as one would expect. After all, I was just following the natural cycle. So I began working for various firms over the next few years. Yeah some of them were okay firms to work for and others were complete and utter nightmares to work for.

Anyhow, even though I had these jobs and the annual salaries was pretty good compared to the none skilled jobs I did, I was never actually happy in any of them. My mind always drifted back to the Internet and what I’d read all those years ago.

The thought of the Internet being the only way I could see (apart from winning the lottery of course) to make me BIG money was really seductive to me and I simply couldn’t let go of that thought and kept on going back to the Internet no matter what job I did at the time.

I knew that sooner or later my destiny was to make my living from the Internet.

Now I’m not going to go into detail here, but suffice is it to say that the marriage I was in at the time is long over and I’m in a completely different situation now (for the better I might add).

What I mean by this is, times change and so do people’s needs and wants and as I’ve already said, my destiny was to make money from the Internet in some way or another and because my circumstances changed, it allowed me to do what I’m doing right now.

So after many many years of scratching my head, tons of hesitation and lack of focus, I finally landed quite by accident on generating a respectable income from eBay.  At the moment this is the perfect situation for me because the eBay business I run creates a full time income for working part time hours which means I have a lot more free time to concentrate on creating my much desired Internet Marketing lifestyle.

So what I did along side running my eBay business was to become a student of more modern day Internet Marketers to help and motivate me to finally make my dreams become a reality which is now a work in progress.

And in a nutshell, this is why Mark Bibby Online was born and I intend to use this site to inform my readers on my progress, build a loyal subscriber list and as I travel down my own path, I will hopefully be able to help as many people as I can along the way.

Okay, that’s about it for now, many thanks for taking the time out to read about me and who knows, you may even be able to relate to one or two things I’ve mentioned?

Here to your success!