So Why Join My Membership? What's in it for you?

Well put it this way, if you're just starting out on your own Internet Marketing journey like myself, then I'd highly urge you to join, because what I have inside the members area is some really cool stuff that will give you the head start that you might just need!

First off, we have...

This WordPress video mini series is ideal if you've never setup a WordPress website before. I literally show you everything, from buying the domain name, right through to setting up WordPress.

I was looking for a place where I could learn the basics of how to setup a WordPress website. I know there's lots of courses available out there, but when I stumbled across Mark's site and noticed that he offered a 6 part video mini course on doing this, I just had to find out more. Not only that, but to top it off, it was completely free as well!

A big thanks for offering this course for free, it helped me out loads...

Hana Pickton

BUT - There's more...How about these...

You can create superb looking guarantee rosettes just like this with only a few clicks..

It literally took me 4 clicks to create this realistic looking CD...

At the moment I'm just in the early stages of learning Photoshop and when I found out about these brush sets that Mark was offering in his membership I jumped at the chance to get them. Most places I've seen charge for their Photoshop brushes which is why I couldn't believe these are free!

Love them!

Dave Rawling

How about these cool looking corner banners...

And with just 3 clicks, I created this iPhone...How cool is that?

The Photoshop styles and brushes are really great for creating internet marketing graphics quickly and easily. I'm suprised Mark doesn't charge anything for them.

Thank you!

Lyndsey Darlington

Create as many e-covers as you like...Just add your cover art to the template and you're done...EASY!

In fact, the only thing limiting you with my brush and styles set is your imagination!

There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of different combinations that can be created when using them to their fullest potential.

And just to get you started with them, I've also created a video demonstrating how to get them installed into Photoshop, then how to use them...This is a must see video!

But Wait! - I haven't finished yet!

Last but definitely not least is my latest addition to the members area. It’s my squeeze page template that I’ve created just for you and I’ve created it in such a way where you can use it with ANY WordPress theme.

But check this out, I’ve even recorded a video on how to get this beauty integrated with your current theme. So whether you’re a complete newbie to WordPress and haven’t built your site yet, or, you’ve already got your site built, then this squeeze template is the ideal tool to build your list fast.

You can use any auto responder with it that uses HTML form code and you can use any video embed code. Rest assured though, no matter what you use, your new squeeze page will look great on desktops, tablets and mobile devices.

Wow, I really needed a responsive squeeze page template for my up and coming wordpress blog site and this one fitted the bill. It's clean, responsive and the video tutorial Mark's done to help get it integrated into my blog was a god send.


And thanks for the template 😉

Neil Seddon

So – What Does It Cost To Get Your Hands On All These Tools? – Drum Roll Please!


Now some people think I’m mad giving this stuff away for FREE and to be honest, they could be right. That said though, if you’ve read any of my blog posts you’ll know that the whole idea of my site is to document my own Internet Marketing journey step by step and as I travel down this pathway, I made a promise to myself that I would help as many other people as I could along the way and this is why I created this membership area, for like minded people on the same path as myself.

So are you ready to get a head start on everyone else?

Don’t forget, if you’re completely new to setting up WordPress, then my membership content and tools will give you the FAST track you need to get you started ASAP!

All you’ve got to do to gain access to my FREE membership is simply click the button below and you could be learning and using the tools within the next few minutes!

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