The Beginning!

Hey there, and a very warm welcome to my blog.

So what’s it all about?

Well I’m going to cut straight to the chase without going around the houses talking about any old nonsense – I’ve decided to log my Internet Marketing journey as of TODAY which is my very first stepping stone – The bottom rung on the ladder if you like and this blog is going to document my every step of the way as I progress down this interesting and ever changing path!

And…It goes without saying that I’m full of excitement as I get ready to set off on my road to (hopefully) reaching financial freedom!

So why me, why now and why do I want to do this?

Well the answers are pretty simple really, albeit extremely long overdue. See, I’ve been on the internet now since way back in the late 90’s, in fact it was 1998 to be precise because I remember buying my very first PC which had Windows 98 on it (whoaaaa, how long ago is that!) and the old dial up modems to access the internet. (LOL those were the days!)

Anyway, in all that time I have seen hundreds, if not thousands of success stories about ordinary people making a great living online from their spare rooms. Now that’s not to say I believed each and every story I read, I’m not that gullible, but nevertheless, there must have been a huge percentage of those stories that had more than enough elements of truth to them and to be honest I found them really inspiring to see these people doing so well.

I’ve always loved reading about success stories and the reason why is because it gives me a sense of hope to. When I see that ordinary people like myself are doing really well, it kind of gives me a kick up the backside to do something about my own situation in life.

However, if you’re anything like me, I’ve always struggled to keep hold of the ‘raring to go’ enthusiasm which seems to be what all these successful individuals have. When I’m reading about someone or watching a video about how well they have done, I’m all set to go, but then an hour or so later, my interest has wandered onto something else, be it checking emails, logging into Facebook, checking Twitter out, visiting forums etc, etc. I’m sure you get the idea…Sound familiar?

And I’m not afraid to admit it either, if I’d have had the mentality to focus on one thing at a time all those years ago, there’s every chance I could’ve been a multimillionaire by now, but because of my lack of motivation and my short lived enthusiasm, I’m in exactly the same financial boat I was in way back then.

But when 2015 fell upon us, I finally sat down and took stock of my life and looked at what I’d achieved up to now and thought to myself, DAMN! Nothing has changed, I’m no better off financially than I was back then and this is because I’ve done NOTHING ABOUT IT! So as the old cliché goes, I’ve decided to throw down the gauntlet and challenge myself to see this through to the end now! The end being of course, financially comfortable. When I reach my financial goals and help as many other people as I can get what they want along the way, then I will feel like I’ve succeeded in life…

So, are you with me? Are you going to follow me on this journey to? I hope so…

Stay tuned 😉

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